Simply friends & fun.

Live in the moment

Arriving on the map, you can see all the messages currently around you but also those from all over the world. No barrier exists with Mellow. Warning: your message will automatically delete itself after a certain time, unless someone post a comment.

Find all your friends

If your friends are already on Mellow, simply add them, if not ask them to join you. You can be notified of messages that they post.


(May 2016) - Many of you wanted to know the features being developed, so here's a taste:

  • Creating Groups
  • Choice of messages visible on the map
  • New parameters
  • And many other things ;-)

(April 2016) - We are pleased to announce the arrival of public Beta version on May 13!

(December 2015) - Mellow's whole team wishes you happy year!

(October 2015) - Release of the private Beta version for the lucky ones!

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